Looking for an extraordinary space in the heart of Westlands?


The studio is aproximately 1,000 sq ft and has wooden floors, a high ceiling, mirror flanked walls and plenty of natural light.  It's a peaceful escape in the midst of a busy urban area, reaching above the noise of the streets with a view of Westlands through the trees.  The studio is stocked with a variety of props: sticky mats, blocks, straps and there are speakers available that are compatible with an iPod or laptop. The studio has big windows that open to let in plenty of air.


View our studio here.


We offer the option for studio rental for all types of needs - capoeira, acrobatics, dance, music lessons, small banquets, etc.  Our standard rates are as follows:


During operating hours (7am-9pm M-F & 9am-2pm Sat) - 2,000 Ksh/hour

Non-operating hours - 4,000 Ksh/hour


All rates negotiable.


Interested?  Need a space for regular practice?  Need a space for a special event?  Contact us here.

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