August 6, 2019

Essential oils are becoming more popular in yoga studios, as complimentary modalities that support whole body, mind and emotional wellness.

These beautifully fragrant aromatic plant compounds are powerful allies in holistic self-care practices. Their unique chemistry allows them to enhance various aspects of a yoga practice, be it breath-work, meditation, relaxation and the actual asanas.

          However, it’s easy for both beginners and seasoned oilers to get excited and carried away, which can have catastrophic effects than those that were planned for.

Remember these precautionary notes the next time you’d like to incorporate oils into your practice.


1| Less Is More, especially with the more potent and therapeutic grade essential oils, which are highly concentrated. One drop of pure essential oil is often more than enough.


2| Start slow.  Some people experience a detox period when they start using oils that might lead to headaches or lightheadedness.  The rule of thumb is one essential oil, one drop at a time.


3| Always have a carrier oil on hand just in case. A carrier oil is a vegetable based oil {such as coconut, olive or grape seed oil}, that will help distribute the effects of the essential oils when used topically on the skin. It can also help in the event of discomfort or skin irritation.


4| The quality of the essential oil matters. Not all oils are created equal. There is a difference in the outcome when you using a synthetic oil or a fragrance. Use high quality oils as much as possible so as to benefit therapeutically as intended.


5| Common sense is your best friend. Don’t put the oils in your ears, eyes and nose and definitely don’t over do it.


6| Pregnant women and those with specific health concerns should seek the advice of a qualified health professional. Familiarize yourself with any contra-indications before using oils.


7| Play with your oils. For best results, pay attention to your intuition and your body’s needs.  Start with one oil and one drop at a time, until you have built up your confidence. Commit to learning about each oil’s qualities.  Also pay attention to the effect each oil has on you as you use them at various points of your practice.


8| Respect the oils. Treat them as you would any medicine. These are powerful substances that need to be used with care. Only then can they serve you in the way that works best for you.



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