We all need a good stretch

January 8, 2019

At its root, what’s it all really about? We’ve heard so many things, haven’t we? It’s an easy way to work out and keep fit, it’s a great way to relax and build up flexibility, it’s an amazing way of connecting with your body and being calm and aligned in your mind, it’s one way of forming a deeper spiritual awareness and developing a sense of peace…well, what if it’s all of these?


            When you stretch mindfully, taking in deep breathes and focusing on your movements, your body and your mind in tune, taking precious moments out of the day just for you…how could that not be healing and uplifting?

            As a practice developed thousands of years ago, yoga has proven benefits in all fields; physical, emotional and mental. Go on, streeeetch…that feels good immediately, doesn’t it? Arch your back and lift your arms, breathe in slowly, feel the muscles loosen in your shoulders and slowly roll your neck, breathe, breathe…


            The very essence of yoga is the mind-body connection, the ability to be present in your body and your mind, clear in your intentions and perceptions of life, aware of your motions, your thoughts, the feelings within; a good yoga session is a win-win. You’ll feel better just from the exercise, you’ll feel calmer just from the breathing, and you’ll feel more present and ready for life just from taking a few minutes out for yourself…



             We all need a good stretch. Not once in a while but rather, all the time. Something so simple will make you feel so good. Book into a class, or two, stretch at home, do it with friends or on your own. Do that yoga, stretch, it’s good for the soul.


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