February 6, 2018

Far from the east, the sun comes up or rising up as the stargazers call it. Its light takes over the moon’s light who willingly submits and retreats patiently waiting for the return of its turn.  The moon takes this time off to absorb light and energy from the sun; I call this the moon’s Savasana.


Nature has many ways she speaks directly to us.  Often, we are more into ourselves and the activities around us or we are not listening or watching generously.  I say that generously for I can be listening but not paying attention to what’s actually being said and unfolding before me.


The sun rises to signify a new day; a new beginning.  The higher it rises in the sky the more its energy rises too.  In yoga, Sun Salutations mark the beginning of practice sessions.  Just as the day begins, the energy rises from one salutation to the other.  Sun Salutations are there to warm the body and get us ready for the stretches and relaxation to follow.  As the sun gives out energy that is so essential and vital to every living and non-living thing, so do Sun Salutations awaken a vital energy in us.  This is the energy that keeps us going and makes us realize the full potential within us.


The experience of my first yoga sessions was so tormenting and I cursed myself for showing up.  My arms were as shaky as a feeble twig on a windy day!  I couldn’t hold Downward Facing Dog for five breaths without coming out for a pause then getting back into it.  It’s not that now I’m a pro; every time I hit the mat, there is always something new to realize about myself.  There is an energy within that has gone untapped that needs to be awakened at that moment.  Sun Salutations provide a good platform to awaken and work on this energy.

If left untapped, this energy can turn on us negatively.  In most occasions when it turns on us negatively, we can end up harming ourselves and those around us.  The rise of modern diseases like obesity is due to untapped energy.  According to yoga gurus, the is heart stronger and brighter than 1,000 suns.  Sun Salutations are the start of unleashing some of this energy and light.


Everyone - including myself - wants more of what we already or don’t have.  We want more energy, more muscles, more love, more acceptance, more acknowledgment - you name it!  All this is already within us, let’s hit the mat, be conscious of each move and breathe as we awaken that inner power and light within.


Do yoga no roga.

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