Improve your willpower with these tips and tricks!

March 3, 2017



Struggle to keep to healthy routines or deny temptation? Don’t be so hard on yourself- we all have certain cravings or temptations at one time or another! Finding the strength to curb the temptation is all about strengthening your willpower! This does not mean always saying no, but instead being realistic about your goals and sticking to them, while giving yourself the flexibility to slip up once in a while (you are human, right?)


Here are some great tips on how to strengthen your will power without missing out on the fun and flexibility of life:


1. Make small do-able goals – don’t try to change everything at once- instead focus on achievable goals!


2. Encourage yourself (be kind)- self-encouragement (I can do this!) is proven to lead to more success, than negative self-talk! So convince yourself that you CAN do it!


3. Meditate- mediation has been linked to improve self-control through focus, attention, stress management and self-awareness. Even after only 8 weeks of meditation the brain changes!


4. Exercise and healthy eating- these two things are often ignored when it comes to willpower, yet it has been proven that exercise and proper nutrition make you more resilient to stress, and more relaxed, thus leading to an increase willpower! (HELLO YOGA!)


5. Postpone – the more you postpone the temptation, the better you get at not having it! Instead, you see it as a “treat” which will lessen the cravings.


6. Anticipate roadblocks- there may be resistance either internally or externally, plan ahead of time on how you will respond to this!


Next time you reach for that third piece of brownie, or want to skip your yoga practice- try one or all of these tips and tricks! 




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