Yoga as a form of Heart Opening

February 13, 2017


Yoga is a wonderful way to open your heart to loving kindness, both toward ourselves and others. As we move deeper and deeper into the practice of


yoga, we discover parts of ourselves- new or stored up emotions, gratitude, love, and, pain that may have been buried deep inside us. Yoga gives us an opportunity to open our hearts to explore and unravel our inner selves.


I started my journey with yoga to help me regain balance and manage my vertigo after losing my in my right ear. I was seeking physical relief and balance, yet what I ended up getting from the practice was so much for than the physical benefits. Yoga provided me with a space to move deeper into myself, while healing the emotional wounds associated with my hearing loss. This not only helped me heal physically, but also provided me with an opportunity to open my heart to those around me, accepting and giving love.


When we move deeper into who we are, with love and kindness, we offer the same to the world around us. When we know ourselves and can come face to face with all of who we are, we are better ready to do the same for others. Yoga, gives us the space to solely focus on ourselves, both physical and mentally, check in with our body- where we are holding stress, where we may feel blocked and then provides us with the tools to overcome to manage our stress and breathe space into blocked areas- even if that is the heart. The sense of physical and emotional opening has great impacts on our ability to give and receive love and kindness.


Yoga is a like a full circle – the more we open our bodies- the more we open our hearts- the more love we give- the more we receive.


Want a bit more, try this heart meditation! 

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