What is grounding and it's importance in yoga

November 2, 2016


In yoga we often hear the term “grounding” but what does that really mean? Physically, grounding is about our physical connection to the land or ground, bringing awareness to how our feet feel on the ground. It is an awareness of our physical connection to the earth.


Yet, grounding goes beyond the physical, it can also be a sense of connection- to the earth and to something larger than us – a part of a collective system of life that is circular and co-reliant. Being grounded means to be in a place of calm, feeling a sense of safety and security despite the chaos or challenges around you.


In yoga, we hope to yoke the sense of physical grounding, psychological and emotional grounding by combining breath, movement and meditation.


Here are 5 tips that will help find and stay grounded throughout your practice:


  1. Focus on your feet- notice your toes, arches and four corners of your feet pressing into the earth- imagine that your toes are like roots, growing into the ground

  2. Concentrate on the root chakra- uses poses that focus on root chakra, this increases our sense of security and support (dandasana, malasana, mula bandha)

  3. Breathe- notice the ins and outs of your breathing

  4. Be aware of the quality of your practice- is your practice helping your remain calm or are you feeling more anxious or disconnected afterwards?

  5. Regular practice- daily practice helps us to take time to ground, feel our bodies and connect to our breath

There are so many ways yoga can help keep us grounded and balanced- these are just a few! 

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