Tips for standing balance poses

October 1, 2016

So how do balance poses really work?

Your center of gravity is in the area just below the navel- deep in the body. When weight is evenly is distributed between this centerline, we are balanced. Yet, when we are in a balance pose, for example lifting the right leg for tree, we have disrupted the even balance by moving the weight to the right- so our body recalculates before we even have time to think about, leading our weight to shift left to balance out what is happening on the right side. So how do we re-center? A lighter part of the body further from the center balances out a heavier part of the body closer to the centerline. So that is why we put our arms out to keep our balance! Trusting our bodies is such an important part of the process – the body will naturally reset to find balance! 


Here are seven tips to help you in your standing balance poses:

  1. Start the pose from the foundation, ground down like earth, the four corners of the standing surface root down, may it be a hand, a foot, both hands or both feet, the forearms, or the head and hands.

  2. Keep your focus, gaze (drishti) at one unmoving spot in front of you.

  3. Move into and in your balance poses slowly and consciously; abrupt movements can shake us out of balance and avoid kicking into poses like headstands to avoid neck injuries, until you are confident enough to hold the balance.

  4. Use as much support as you need to gain stability and build confidence.

  5. Our equilibrium system is located in the inner ear, pay attention to the position and movement of the head.

  6. Keep your breath steady, this will help stabilize mind and body

  7. Don’t be afraid to fall dawn! Bring playfulness of a child, and do not take it too serious if you fell out of the pose and bring laughter into it.

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