Yin and Yang: Balancing masculine and feminine energy

September 27, 2016


In the universe things are made in a balance of male and female or feminine and masculine and in the world of science positive and negative charges.


Each of us has masculine and feminine energy within us. A balance between the two brings calm, which then cultivates into equanimity; peace within and the opposite will bring unrest, stress and an unbalanced life. These energies male and female if you may, act like polarities of a battery. They are the fuel that allows you to be who you are and who you are not. Essence is to bring familiarity with these two charges and develop an intimate relationship with them. This relationship will henceforth, allow for the ultimate balance.


These energies are like two human beings who live within you and when you truly befriend each one of them, casting light onto them to remove shadows, integration will surely happen. This integration will then foster an ongoing relation that will then bring and guarantee the process of transformation. The key is in finding out the feminine and masculine qualities and then take actions to strengthen them in a way that creates a balance between these two sacred energies.

  • You develop the strength of the masculine side by value you place on your life, and you develop the goodness of the feminine side by the value you place on other people’s life.

  • Note that if you are too masculine more than the feminine in you, you can harm other people.  Conversely, if you have too much feminine in you not proportional to the masculine then you can harm yourself, because you tend to "give it all away".

  • On a physical level, strong masculinity is equal to ability to take control of your own life, and strong femininity is equal to ability to let go of trying to control the lives of others.  The feminine keeps you from interfering with the choices that others have the right to make for themselves.

  • The masculine side is good when it comes to accomplishing tasks, when it comes to doing right or good the feminine takes it all.

  • The development of one part in comparison to the other defines the balance between the masculine and feminine sides.  The type of emotions you strongly feel and the way you treat others is determined by this balance of these energies within you.

Some people will develop more of the masculine than others and vice versa, because one the hormones do play a role and two, it depends greatly on who you are as a person, a being. Both energies, masculine and feminine, will rely on what you have learned to become from deep inside, “The inner self”.


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