Yoga as a process for personal growth

July 5, 2016


 Growth means development from lower or simpler to a higher or more complex form. Personal growth and development is a transformation process, in which improvements are made in the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social and financial state. It is through the process of growth, I have to discover where my full potential lies.


As a yoga student, my potential was relying on my practice. I started practicing each and every day. This is when I started to discover inner peace and strength in my body. Practicing has helped me find determination to overcome my challenges. Through yoga, I am able to find a way to manage my challenges in healthy and fun ways.  My goal was to become yoga instructor, so that I could help people feel the same inner strength and peace I felt in my own practice. I was also excited to share with others how yoga has benefited me off the mat! So here are a few ways yoga has helped me and can help you grow on and off the mat:


  1. Helps us keep a level head- by breathing deeply and through our awareness of breath in a yoga class, we learn to relax in challenging poses. This deepness and awareness of breath can also help us learn to relax in challenging moments off the mat.

  2. Improves balance – not only does yoga improve our physical balance, but also helps us to balance out other aspects of our life (work, hobbies, emotions, family, friends) and connects us to what is most important- our health, our loved ones and our sense of purpose.

  3. Connects us to our body and mind- by focusing on the best version of ourselves, we learn to embrace the fluctuations in our body and mind- developing a deeper and healthier connection to ourselves.

  4. Helps us take better care of ourselves (linked to #3)- when you practice yoga you become more aware of your health- you will notice if you are working too hard, if you haven’t slept enough, or if you drank just a bit too much the night before. We develop a better sense of what is healthy and harmful for our bodies- and this helps us make healthier choices.

  5. Helps to develop patience and perseverance- by always trying to improve our practice, we not only learn perseverance, by practice over and over, but also patience, as it takes time to build the strength and physical and mental stability to get to the next level.

  6. Improves concentration- yoga is all about concentration, to get into and hold poses, we must have clear focus in body and mind. Doing this over and over again builds our concentration on and off the mat! 

So, next time you are thinking about how important it is to get into that mean scorpion pose, take it from me- the process is just as important as the pose! In keeping a level head, finding balance, patience and perseverance, take care of ourselves, and improving concentration and connection to our bodies – we are able to move from a simpler to a more complex version of ourselves (and a kickin’ scorpion pose)! Keep it up Yogis!  

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