Advice from Acacia Studios - how to get out of a rut!

July 4, 2016



Feel stuck in a rut or running or at a standstill in your growth? Staff and instructors at Acacia provide you tips on how to pull yourself out of the rut and find your inner strength for personal health and wellness!  Feel free to add your own ideas to our Facebook page as well!


Ashley- Getting out a rut for me is all about talking it out. Which seems ironic coming from an introvert ;) But for someone who generally deals with things - challenges, successes, excitement, fear, etc. - internally, I can sometimes put myself in a rut by overburdening myself and not letting myself express things outwardly. So when I realize I'm in that space, I generally just need a good talk with a friend, confidant, my wonderful husband or sister to let it out and release the burden. And often times (when not pregnant) a nice glass of red wine to go with it :)


Watson - l know am in a rut when I lack ideas and inspiration.  First, if I have a challenge, I share it with friend to get ideas. It is also a way to let go of my challenges. I also like to meditate- just letting go of everything and being focused. 


Everlyne- Basically am one person who takes life as it is, being optimistic at all times. Getting myself out of rut, generally I prefer to call my Mom who always makes me smile at all times no matter how low I am or the situation is. My mom is my confidant. Secondly I take time to pray and listen to music, basically gospel at that time. On other occasions I would just go to my favorite club and listen to music as well as dance :)  Just letting go from the situation at that particular time. Finally I agree with Ashley, a glass of wine calms the nerves sometimes ;-) 


Richard - Carpe Diem. "The enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future. Seizing the day" or a certain moment in time. Putting aside all differences, all fears, all worries, and just going for it. Finally making the most out of that situation at that particular time. Carpe Diem more often or you will miss out on life and never truly be happy.


Jadie- To get out of a rut I need to MOVE and be with NATURE. This means that I either need to travel to new places (mostly in the middle of nowhere), hike, camp, climb a mountain or practice yoga in calming natural environments! I find that working up a sweat while in a beautiful place gets my body, heart and mind fired up and ready for whatever is coming next! And I’m with Ashley – I definitely a nice glass of red wine in the light of fire somewhere in the Kenyan wilderness.


Joy- Getting out of a rut is not an easy thing. For me getting out of a rut is particularly hard because I rarely share my problems with others and as such, have to work it out alone.

Usually, the best way for me to do so is by writing. Whenever I put it down on paper, I end up analyzing it myself and coming up with the best solution.


Susan - I Forget about trying to be perfect by ignoring the 'why's ' and focusing on 'how' which I often concur by the power of pranayama!


Belinda- How I get myself out of a rut-

Think about it.

Put it down on a paper.

Do I have a solution?

If yes, I go for it.

If I have no solution and I have exhausted all my options, then I distract myself from thinking about it, and I accept and learn to live with it.


We hope these ideas have brought a smile to your face - and some inspiration to get out of that rut and start living :) 

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