Synergy Yoga comes to Acacia Studios!

April 19, 2016


Starting May 4th, we will be adding Synergy Yoga to our schedule, for a limited time!  We hope you check it out.  Here is a quick bio on Amanda, who will be teaching these classes, and a little bit more about what Synergy Yoga is.  Make a date to meet Amanda and try out Synergy Yoga!


While living in D.C., I discovered yoga out of a need to heal several physical injuries caused from years of pushing my body to the max in competitive sports.  Though I quickly realized that yoga provided me with a lot of benefits.  I not only started to wake up muscles I never knew existed, but I felt amazing!  My emotions stabilized, I felt more present and able to handle all of life’s challenges calmly. From there forward I’ve dedicated myself as a student to yoga and take the practice with me wherever I live.


In 2011, I completed a teacher-training course in Ashtanga yoga with Jim Harrington in Cape Town South Africa.  Shortly afterwards I moved to Kenya to pursue a career opportunity related to my master’s degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution.  After a year in Kenya my boyfriend and I relocated to Denmark and I started teaching yoga full-time.  Committed to my own learning and growth as a student and teacher, last year I pursued and completed another yoga teacher-training course in Goa, India with Australian physiotherapists Simon Borg-Oliver and Bianca Machliss in their style of yoga called Synergy yoga.  Currently my teaching style is heavily influenced by Synergy yoga.


The Synergy technique is a Hatha style of yoga drawing on principles of alignment from Iyengar and the physical intensity of Ashtanga.  Emphasis is placed on spinal movements, safe transitions in and out of poses, activating muscles around joints to strengthen the body and at the same time releasing tension.  Movements incorporate nerve-tensioning techniques (associated with acupuncture meridians) creating the feeling of a dynamic moving meditation.    


In my classes I teach poses in both simple and complex versions so the practice can be adapted to your level and how you feel that day. Instruction includes verbal alignment cues grounded in anatomy, modifications and hands on adjustments (optional).  Classes may also include pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and yoga philosophy applicable to every day life. 


I’ve personally felt the amazing benefits of this practice, which include building strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, increasing energy and the ability to deal with stress.  My students range from complete beginners new to yoga, to those with injuries, to people who are used to a regular physically challenging practice such as advanced yoga practitioners, dancers and elite athletes.  I look forward to sharing my practice with you, see you in class!   


Classes will be held on:

Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:15am - 8:15am

Sundays from 1:30pm - 3pm

*as always, check our website for the most up-to-date schedule


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