Eight tips on cultivating more positivity into your life!

March 23, 2016


With all the hustle and bustle and negativity in the world, it can sometimes be difficult to cultivate a practice of positivity. Yet, once we do, we can certainly see how positive thinking can change everything around us and in us. It gives us the opportunity to see, feel and experience all the beautiful things in life, while providing us with the strength to manage the challenges.


A daily commitment to positive thinking is the best way to keep your mind fresh and focused on what truly matters. Here are some tips on how to bring more positive thoughts in your life:


1. Practice gratitude- Bring your awareness to all of the things in your life in which you feel grateful. Keep a nightly gratitude journal. In the midst of life, we sometimes forget to take stock of all the beauty and magic in our lives. This can be as simple as having a great cup of chai :)


2. Surround yourself with positivity- People, messages, things and activities that make you smile. This will remind you, that even in your down moments, there are many wonderful people, memories and moments in your life, providing you with an emotional pick me up.


3. Be aware of negative actions and thoughts; then let go!-  One of the most important ways to stay positive is to bring awareness to the actions and thoughts that are holding us back. Suppressing negativity does not lead to positivity- instead it leads to built up frustration and anger. So instead of denying your challenges, acknowledge them and find ways to let them go. This will allow us to truly choose positivity, not just hide negativity. 


4. Share your burdens- Keeping your problems or challenges to yourself makes you feel alone and weighs you down. It is important to share your struggles with the people you trust. In speaking your truth and sharing your struggles, you will automatically feel supported, lighter and more open to possibilities. Sharing your struggles allows you to make more room for positive thoughts and actions in your life. 


5. Help others- Studies have shown those who volunteer or help others tend to be happier. If we build positive relationships or help others, we also tend to feel better about ourselves.  Therefore helping others = happier lives. It’s that simple!


6. Take time for yourself- One of the best ways to stay positive is to give yourself time to breathe and recharge. If you are always on the go, you will feel disconnected, bitter and negative. Stay positive by going for a walk, meditating, having a long bath, or getting a pedicure. In taking time for yourself, you are able to reframe the things that are challenging to you and come back to the world with a smile.


7. Laugh and be silly- It has been proven that even if you are feeling down, the best thing to do is smile or laugh. We think acting silly is for kids, but science tells us that smiling and laughing, even when we are feeling low, tricks the body into releasing chemicals that are linked to happiness. So turn that frown upside down and instantly feel more positive!


8. Connect with nature- Go for a walk in the park, go on safari, sit under a tree, go camping. In a natural setting, you can disconnect from the busy world and come back to what truly matters. Nature helps you refocus and streamline your energy, recharge your batteries and boosts your mood.  A great reason to get outside!


Try one or all of these tips in the next month and see how your mindset transforms!

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