What does "letting go" mean to you?

March 1, 2016


When I hear the word let go, for me it is to come off my past and everything that cannot help me in my present life.  To put it briefly, letting go of the past and focusing on the present moment. I also strive to release fear of judgement, concern over looking a certain way and releasing any ego I may have, because it does not serve anyone.


One specific example that hits home to me is letting go of judgment of others and seeing myself as equal to others.  It’s also important to let go of competition and  acknowledge others when they do something great.  It’s just as important to let go of self-judgment and praise yourself for accomplishments, letting go of past failures.


Moving on in life, without baggage, requires that we let go of the past.  Only then can you be completely and fully present.  This applies to our relationships with family and friends, in the workplace and within our communities.  Letting go is something we are constantly striving to achieve and it’s important to be conscious of what we hold onto and why.

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