New prices and New Services for 2018! More options for less!



Single Class   1,000 Ksh only

Redeem your O-Charge points with us!

You will get: 

Top up our mobile credit for either your Safaricom or Airtel lines with O-Charge and earn points that you can redeem at Acacia Studios.  For every 500 points you accrue, you can come and claim them for a single class and only pay kshs 500! 


*Only 500 points can be claimed at a time. 

*Offer is only for single class purchases

*If you have 1,000 points or more, you can claim for yourself and a friend at 500 points p/person*Points are claimed in-house with a barcode scan method

Private Sessions

Package                        duration     Price          

Mini Private Session     30mins          2,200 Ksh

Private Session              60mins         4,000 Ksh

Address your goals and get specific support on what you want to get out of your yoga practice.  Whether you are a beginner looking for some extra guidance or an advanced

practitioner hoping to take your practice to the next level or discuss specific needs as per your body, this session is for All.


Class Packages


Package                  Price             Expiry

5 class                     4,000 Ksh          1 month

10 class                   7,500 Ksh          2 months

10 class traveler    9,000 Ksh          3 months






Introductory Week - 2,000 Ksh!

You will get: 

- 7 consecutive days of unlimited yoga

- 10% off any package/ membership bought during the  introductory week (one per member)

- Includes a Mini-Private Session with one of our instructors



For New Students Only 

Unlimited Memberships


  Package                          Price     

  Monthly                              9,500 Ksh    Quarterly                          25,500 Ksh

 Weekend (4 consecutive)         5,000 Ksh

Benefits of Membership

  • Attend as many classes as you want! 

  • Members receive 200 Ksh off all workshops

  • Members with an active weekend package can purchase additional single classes at 800 Ksh

Exciting new mats in stock!  Attractive colours in both Travel and Harmony size. Grab you mat while stocks last!

Mat & Towel Rental

Single Mat Rental fee               50 Ksh (1 mat only)

Mat rental add-on fees for members & package holders*:
Monthly Unlimited                  500 Ksh
Quarterly Unlimited            1,500 ksh
Weekend Unlimited               300 Ksh
10-Class Package                   400 ksh
5-Class Package                     200 ksh

*all add-on mat rentals must be purchased and paid for at the time of your membership/package payment
*any membership/package extensions will apply to your mat rental add-on at NO additional cost
*all add-on rentals are for ONE mat per session only

New student?  

Mat rental is FREE for your FIRST CLASS and with a valid INTRODUCTORY WEEK!

Towel Rental                          200 Ksh

Specialised Classes 

Pre and Post Natal


Single class    1,000 Ksh

5 classes         4,500 Ksh

10 classes       8,500 Ksh

*No expiry date on 5 and 10 class packages












Please RSVP with Sheila at 

0728 885 387

Kids Yoga Classes

Single class         600 Ksh

5 classes*            2,500 Ksh

 *2 month expiry












Private Sessions

Mini-Private, 30-mins     2,200 Ksh

Private, 60-mins              4,000 Ksh

No expiry date.

Discounts packages on both mini and private


sessions available on request. 

Package and Membership Details 


All packages are non-transferable & non-refundable

Packages and memberships cannot be split between 2 or more clients

Packages can be suspended and extended under the following guidelines:

  - Fee of 500 Ksh per week of suspension/extenson  

  - During the suspension period, the package or membership is on hold and is not active

  - The package expiration date will be extended the same number of days as the suspension

  - The client must purchase his/her suspension in advance of his/her intended suspension

Please note that we accept cash, check, credit card or mpesa!

We also offer.....

Corporate Discounts and Teambuilding!!

Looking for a way to keep employees fit and happy?

Contact us! 


We offer discounted classes and packages for medium/large sized organization and businesss. Introduce us to your HR team!


Please contact us as

Yoga for Wellness

We offer the healing, strengthening, calming, and empowering practice  of yoga that has something for everybody, regardless of their age, gender, race, size or shape. 

Membership Details:


All memberships are non-transferable & non-refundable

Memberships cannot be split between 2 or more clients

Memberships cannot be suspended and extended under the following guidelines:

 Members wishing to terminate their membership early must request termination 1 month in advance, in writing. 

Classes under the Class Memberships expire at the time of the next payment. 

How does it work?

1.  Pick your membership

2.  Make the first installment payment at the studio (via cash, Mpesa or credit card)

3.  Fill out the Banker's Order form with your local bank account details & the payment instructions. 

4.  That's it! Rest easy as your account is automatically debited and your yoga is always there for you!

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