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Yoga helps women embrace their growing baby.


Yoga is an ancient system of self-help that can bring health and a feeling of "lightness" into every level of your being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You may have been practicing yoga for years, and, if so, you will already be aware of how helpful it can be in any demanding situation. If you are absolutely new to yoga, you are about to experience all the benefits that yoga can offer at a time when you need them the most.


Pregnancy is an unpredicatable event that has much to do with our personal well-being and mental outlook. Conception and pregnancy bring great changes, first the hormonal, then the mental and emotional changes involved in altering your life so you can focus on the joy of motherhood and your baby's needs. Yoga can help you sail through all these changes with a light step, a happy heart and a clear mind. 

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Regular Yoga practice can help enormously at all stages of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

  • Pre-natal yoga helps reduce the typical aches and pains of pregnancy.  Do you have an aching back, sore hips, or are you just plain tired and weak?  We use yoga to focus on pain points for expectant mothers and create more energy through a stress-free practice

  • Yoga can play a big role in preparing mommies-to-be for the delivery room.  A pre-natal yoga session focuses on relaxing the body and creating more flexibililty through the hips and other major joints that can assist a woman's body as she prepares to deliver her little one.  We also incorporate breathing exercises and foucs the mind through breath in an effort to mentally prepare women for delivery and offer them calming remedies to use during delivery

  • Being present in the moment - yoga is based on the practice of awareness. Creating a baby is a wonderful experience, yet we are often so busy with our daily lives, work, raising older children, etc. that we have trouble finding time to connect with our baby during this magical time.  Yoga is a great chance to let go of everything beyond the studio and focus on Mom and Baby and find that connection

  • Yoga can help relax an expectant mother and release emotional stress.  More relaxed mothers-to-be find more happiness and feel less stress during this transitional time.  Yoga is also a nice way to have your partner appreciate being part of preparing for conception -- so bring him along!

  • Become more self-aware - through a regular yoga practice, you can strengthen your body awareness.  You will find that you are constantly observing how you stand, sit,walk, breathe and relate to those around you, and that you are making subtle adjustments for a healthier and happier pregnancy

Tips while practicing prenatal yoga!

Keep in mind that:

Your legs are supposed to face outward, hips distance apart on the mat to avoid straining the spine.


Make it your practice:

Every yoga class is meant for you, your body and your abilities.  Even more so in pre-natal classes, we encourage you to pay attention to how your body feels and make it your own practice to meet the needs of you and your baby in that moment.  Skipping certain postures that don't feel right or staying in a posture longer because it just feels good, is exactly what you should do!



An erect spine, an open chest and awareness of the positions of your body and the flow of your energy are the fundamentals of a yoga practice. Standing and sitting tall, at all times, will quickly improve your grace and posture and also help to prevent backache and digestive problems, while daily practice of deep breathing with awareness will soon make this your natural way to breathe

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