What to wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can move in.  Some yogis like spandex so it doesn’t move around as they do.  Others prefer loose fitting clothes that may move around, but provide more coverage.  Whatever it is, make sure you can MOVE comfortably!  No socks or shoes necessary.


What to bring?

Yourself!  If you have a mat, great, bring it!  If not, we have mats at your disposal.  If you are a sweater, you might want a towel, but it’s not required.   Most yogis like to have a bottle of water handy, as well.


What will the class be like?

It depends a lot on which class you choose.  Check out descriptions of all of our classes here.  If you choose a Power or Flow class, it’s likely to feel fast your first time.  This is perfectly normal!   There may be a wide range of levels from beginners to advanced practitioners; don’t be intimidated by an advanced yogi, learn from them and let them inspire you; everybody is on their own journey and is at different places within that journey.

New to Yoga? A few tips! 

Here are our top tips to survive and love your first class:

  1. Be a beginner.  Take child’s pose when you need a break.  Don’t push yourself to take the advanced modifications the instructor gives – familiarize yourself with the basics first.  Skip a Chaturanga (or 7) when you need to.  Use props to help you get into more difficult poses.

  2. Don’t compete.  Yoga philosophy teaches us not to compete with one another or ourselves.  Don’t compete with your neighbor; you have no idea how long he/she has been practicing and everybody in that room was once where you are.

  3. Don’t get overwhelmed.  There is a lot of new stuff in your first few classes.  You are learning to match breathe to movement.  You’re learning names of poses – whether your teacher says them in Sanskrit or English, they are likely still new to you!  You’re learning poses and hearing lots of alignment cues.   Take it one thing at a time.  Focus first on where your body is supposed to move and try to get there.  That’s it.  Some yogis don’t even start focusing on their breathe until class 20 or 100.  That’s okay.  It’s a practice and you will continue to practice no matter how advanced you become.

  4. Be there for you.  We do a lot of things in life for others - family pressure, or expectations at work, social norms, etc.  Be on your mat for you and know why you are there.  Whether you are there to lose weight, or you are working through a tough time emotionally, or you want to get fit or because you simply want 60 minutes in your day that no one can reach you by phone, email, instant messaging or text, just be there and be there for you.

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