Classes & Events

Barre Classes  

with Radhika

Every Monday, 7:15 - 8:05am

Starting Mon 24th Feb, 2020


We're excited to introduce a new class to the schedule! Radhika brings us toning & strength building through Barre Classes every Monday, 24th February. 


What is Barre you may ask? This workout class set to music blends ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training, through the use of weights and resistance bands and balls. Sculpt and tone longer leaner muscles through high reps of small range movements. A perfect way to ignite the body at the start of the week!

Don't forget to RSVP or book by emailing us, or by sending an SMS to 0721 111 141 at least a day before class. 

Workshops & yoga clinics 

with a host of local & international yoga experts


We're so proud to have a variety of expert instructors & teachers who lend their time & energy to host workshops designed to either improve & build upon your yoga technique or simply to have fun & loosen up as you create space for new expression in your body.  

The workshops are separate from regular class prices & packages as they are one-off events.

Pre-register by emailing us, sending an SMS to 0721 111 141 or making your payment to book your space.

Payments can be made to Mpesa Till Number : 653183

Yoga in the Arboretum 

With James Njuguna

Next session: Sat 1st Feb, 10am - 11am

@the Nairobi Arboretum

Let's go outdoors with a variety of your favorite yoga classes at the Arboretum every first Saturday of the month! Please remember to bring your mat, drinking water and something warm to wear.  Payments to the park for parking and entry are kshs 50 each and are made only with mpesa. You can use your regular class pass to register for the class or you can also pay with Lipa na Mpesa.  


You may find other activities going on in the park so from the main gate, walk straight ahead to the end of the main path, Arboretum Walk (it's paved with cabro). When you reach the Arboretum Circle, straight ahead, there will be a clearing in the trees with a few benches and we will set up just on the other side of those.

Regular studio pricing applies.


Please RSVP for this session!

Kids Yoga 

with instructors specifically trained in yoga for children

Every Saturday, 10:45 - 11:45am

Ages: 3 years & above
Across the globe, yoga is being introduced into schools with very positive results.  It's helping young ones manage social and emotional challenges and promotes a sense of calm.  
Your child can enjoy the benefits of yoga and begin learning how to self-regulate in a world full of challenges & stimulations.  Bring us your youthful yogis every Saturday!

Single Kids Class:        Kes 700

Kids 5-Class package:  Kes 2,900

Enhancing physical strength & flexibility through yoga & play!


Saturdays: 1:30- 3:00pm

Thursdays: 5:30 - 6:30pm

Are you a beginner to yoga? Does Power Yoga sound intimidating? Or maybe even just yoga sounds intimidating?


We want you to feel welcome at Acacia Studios and we strive to offer beginner classes that you can jump into without any prior yoga experience.This drop-in class will have a workshop feel to introduce you slowly and safely to the foundation poses and transitions in any of our regularly scheduled classes. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to learn the basics of yoga in a slow and comfortable space, offering you the chance to ask questions and learn about modifications, while leaving you feeling prepared to jump into your class of choice thereafter!


Seasoned and advanced yogis are always welcome if you're looking for a revisit of the basics, proper alignment, modification for our common transitions, etc

Regular studio pricing applies.

No RSVP required.


Book your one-on-one session with our instructors

What is a Private Session?

This is a 30-minute Mini-Private session or a 60-minute one-on-one session with one of our esteemed instructors.  It will address your goals and what you specifically want to get out of that session.


Why do a Private Session?

This one-on-one, personal session offers the opportunity for you to get very specific support in your yoga practice to help take it to the next level.


Who should do a Private Session?

Whether you are a beginner looking for some extra support as you start your yoga journey or an advanced practitioner hoping to improve alignment, work on advanced postures or discuss specific needs as per your body, this session is for All.

Connect with us to book your session today.

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