Yoga Classes

We are proud to offer yoga classes 7 days a week from 6am in the morning through to the late evening. We have something for everyone with a broad range of styles and abilities and ages.

Mats are available for hire and the use of blocks and equipments are complimentary. Towels are available to hire for the shower rooms.

Our teachers offer hands on assistants but if you would prefer they didn't feel free to ask them at the start of class.


 Vinyasa Flow 

Tues, Thurs & Sat

Level Beginner to experienced

Vinyasa flow is a creative, flowing practice that is both focused on alignment and breathing within postures and transitions. This practice will leave you feeling both energised and focused. 

What to expect

  • many breathing cues

  • different sequence – unlike some forms of yoga there is no specific sequence of poses

  • lots of movement

  • focus on alignment

  • intensity and style may vary depending on instructor/students

 Power 1 

Mon, Wed, Sat & Sun

Level Beginner friendly

Less challenging than Power 2

Power yoga is an intense physically driven practice that challenges the practitioner. It involves a series of sun salutations, standing and balancing poses, abdominal strengthening and seated poses.

The instructor will

  • slow down the pace to suit beginners' needs, whilst keeping the class moving

  • teach more accessible poses 

  • explain details of alignment more thoroughly

  • teach different sequences – unlike some forms of yoga there is no specific sequence of poses

  • aerobic/anaerobic exercise 

 Power 2 

Thurs & Sun

Level Experienced

More challenging than Power 1


The instructor will

  • expect students to be familiar with the sequences and poses

  • teach advanced poses (arm balances, inversions, challenging poses)

  • speed up the pace

  • teach different sequence – unlike some forms of yoga there is no specific sequence or poses




Level Beginner to experienced


A set sequence of yoga poses that are taught in the same order every class (called the primary series). Students will practice sun salutations, standing poses, balancing and seated poses. Hailed as the original power yoga, those who enjoy a strong power or vinyasa class should find this challenging and rewarding. 


What to expect

  • focus on alignment, technique and strengthening

  • same series each time

  • focus on breath

  • slower pace 

  • less focus on cardio



Level All; beginners, experienced, injuries, pregnancy, trauma

Restorative yoga is a meditative practice which stretches muscles at a passive level without active stretch. With the use of props; bolsters, cushions, blocks and blankets, feel yourself drop into a nourishing practice to release deep tension passively.

What to expect

  • slow, focused postures held for long periods

  • predominantly seated poses on the floor

  • may use props for support

  • calming environment- dark room, candles, quiet music

  • hands on adjustments




Level Pregnant women only

Pre-Natal Yoga classes are designed specifically for expectant mamas and helps keep them limber, tones muscles, and improves balance and circulation, with little, if any, impact on the joints.  Pre-natal yoga also focuses on breathe control as a means for deep relaxation which is a useful tool for labour as well as early motherhood. 

What to expect

  • gentle movements

  • leg strengthening exercises (great for labour preparation)

  • focus on breath

  • lots of floor poses

  • support of cushions

 Mommy & Me 

Coming Soon!

Level New mothers only

(Typically from 6 weeks postpartum, or after your check up with your medical practitioner)


With a newborn/infant, we know it's hard to find time in your day for you, but it's just as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of your baby. But because we know it's hard to find the alone time, the Mommy & Me class is designed for you to bring your baby and continue the bonding experience through yoga while you reconnect with your body again. This practice is for new mothers and babies up to 8 months old. 

​What to expect

  • poses whilst holding your baby

  • gentle movements with mindful transitions

  • focus on breathing

  • lots of floor poses



Coming Soon!

Level 2 - 12 years

Yoga is an excellent way to ensure that your kids are getting the mental and physical exercise they need to grow balanced, healthy and happy. In this class kids will practice fun flowing sequences and partner and group poses. Specifically designed for the little ones, this yoga class is an excellent way to ensure kids are exercising, as well as a great way to encourage discipline and calmness through the focus of breath.


What to expect

  • sun salutations

  • playful poses

  • colouring activity 




Level All; beginners, experienced, injuries, pregnancy, trauma

A  slow and considered form of yoga that focuses on stretching your connective tissues, particularly fascia, for strength and length. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes cultivating active stretch to improve joint mobility and posture, and release trauma in the body. There is far less instruction during this class and it is intended to be more meditative and restorative.

What to expect

  • slow, focused postures held for long periods

  • predominantly seated poses on the floor

  • may use props for support

  • calming environment- dark room, candles, quiet music

  • hands on adjustments

Peter Karate profile pic.jpg


Tues, Wed & Thurs

Level Beginners - Intermediate

Challenge yourself by setting out on the path to self discovery and individual improvement. Students will practice a combination of physical exercises & self-defense techniques for a stronger body & mind. The ultimate aim of Karate as a martial art is not limited to only victory or defeat, it helps one to face all tangible and intangible challenges to improve character through practice.


What to expect

  • learn to defend yourself

  • exercises focused on cardio & strength training

  • repetitive exercises like kicks & footwork

  • moves to improve flexibility & coordination 

  • to ache, shake & sweat!